Creative thinking course

This course is for anyone who is:

– Not focused enough on work, nor in private life

– Lacks motivation and energy

– Does not not have enough energy for work, family and learning new skills

– Stuck in a rut at work, and cannot see the way out

– Cannot wait for a work day to finish

– Has a college degree and a job, but is not happy with the current position

– Thinks that talent is necessary for being creative

– Thinks that they have stupid ideas

– Thinks that the only solution is quitting job

– Thinks that working too hard and sacrificing health, or social or resting time is a cost that must be paid for being successful in job

– Scared if the results will come

I was in the same situation as you are. That is why I wanted to create a course that contains everything I did to change my position. So, this course is gathered knowledge about habits, way of thinking and actions one can do to transform from stuck in a rut to enjoying life.

I will not lie, this course is not a magic wand that can transform you for a day. It can help you on your way of self discovery, and offer some simple tools you can use. But it is you who has to do the work, this course just makes it easier to find good practices that work when you apply them in real conditions. A change is not something that happens over night, it is a process. And nobody can change your life and make decisions about it, but you. So the Creative thinking course offers help on that way.

You will learn:

To recognize your preferences and strenghts

To find joy in work, life and your surroundings

To prepare your mind for creativity

Steps to set priorities and goals

Habits that can improve your life

Easy steps to defining a problem

Steps for successful brainstorming sessions

Easily make decisions

Steps for testing ideas

Process of making a final choice

Steps to improve your solution

Preparation steps before a presentation design

How to design a presentation with strong message

Mindset is the key to confidence

Steps for being confident when presenting

Steps to focused work

Find balance in life

Through 7 chapters, this course can transform your belief system, change the way you think about yourself and help you make the necessary changes.

WHY would you need the course?

Because theory and practice differ. You have to apply everything taught here to have the real results. The course is a collection of knowledge gained in 9 years of working in Research and Development sector.

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